• Hear it all: Mother Earth is calling

    This book, which I have personally experienced, also contains a summary of the Guan Yin Dharma. Guan Yin Bodhisattva has always been my dearest relative, my idol, my monastic world.

  • Take Refuge

    This is a refuge guide for beginners to the Dharma, including a selection of the refuge teachings of the ,Encourage those who have not yet taken refuge, or who do not understand refuge and who are still wandering at the door of refuge.

  • Chan Bodhi

    In order to help everyone in the ever-changing life, not to forget Master Hsin Tao, and to subdue the fluctuating mind at any time, and experience life Chan in the trivialities of life.

  • Three Steps to Buddhahood

    Dharmakaya Buddha – It is the immortal body, it is our spirituality, and learning the Buddha is the Dharma-body Buddha who pursues eternal spirituality, that is, the eternal spirituality of immortality.

  • Hua Yan Wisdom

    In the World of Huayan, every sentient being and every religion is a flower, a budding seed, the whole world is like a garden blooming together with a hundred thousand flowers, presenting all wisdom,

  • Letting go is happiness

    What can't you put down? Letting go is not about not pursuing everything, but about not changing with circumstances. With this condition, in all good and evil, good and bad, the mind does not change and is not turned.