Spiritual Ecology

The Bridge of “Love Earth, Love Peace”


Since the preparation for the Museum of World Religions (MWR), we’ve made an extensive exchange with different religions worldwide through this platform. Individuals of different faiths learn about Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) after visiting the MWR. While we hold different beliefs, our mutual appreciation and understanding are concordant.
The establishment of the MWR is a fulfillment of the state of Avatamsaka. We hope to offer a dialogue platform for all religions in the world. Starting with a virtuous intention, let’s carry out “respect, inclusivity, and love”. As the dialogue continues, we are making a blueprint of a harmonious and peaceful world.
The Bridge of “Love Earth, Love Peace”- MasterHsinTaoThe universe follows the principle of creation, duration, dissolution, and the state of being dissolved. Seeing the cycle, all we can do is to enhance our state of spirituality. At the same time, we mustn't let our desire for materialism to grow infinitely. The positive cycle and ecological balance can only be achieved through spiritual education. We must recognize the values of animals, plants, mountains, waters, earth, religions, cultures, ethnicities, countries, and more. Each has its distinctive value. At the same time, all are interdependent. Together, the network forms the universe that thrives interdependently. The entire living organism shapes our mother Earth. The planet constitutes different systems. If any link is disrupted, the organism becomes unbalanced. Consequently, we’d all face great crises.
Because of the MWR, we are often invited to international religious conferences. From our dialogues, we see crises and hopes at the same time. By discussing problems of all sorts, we strive to reach a mutual understanding of a universal solution. As more people reflect on their intentions and mind by returning to spirituality, an introspection of mankind is taking place.
The Bridge of “Love Earth, Love Peace”- MasterHsinTaoWhile many conferences are happening, the efficiency of raising awareness and implementation is still not enough. International conflicts have escalated and destroyed our environment ruthlessly. We must tackle regional problems by integrating resources from politics, business, academics, religions, and more. 
There needs to be a platform or channel of communication among religions. This medium must allow all participants to exchange. It is a wonderful thing to work for the benefits of earthlings wholeheartedly. The existing purpose of religions is to save the world and people. We should gather the force to care for our family, planet Earth. This is the mission and vision of the MWR from the very start. It is also a bridge of peace in promoting “love Earth, love peace”.