Spiritual Ecology

NY Special - Sustaining Earth by Returning to Spirituality

NY Special - Sustaining Earth by Returning to Spirituality -MasterHsinTaoLing Jiou Mountain (LJM) has been actively promoting activities of “Love Earth, Love Peace”. Our planet Earth is progressing towards a detrimental end. If Earth does not sustain, nor can mankind. We are here to remind everyone to care for the Earth so it sustains.
NY Special - Sustaining Earth by Returning to Spirituality -MasterHsinTaoGlobal warming is disrupting the seasonal behavior as it continues on. Then, the genetic memories of species are confused. When the living system of species is disrupted, reproduction is interrupted. Consequently, species would come to extinction. This is the biggest threat of mankind. Therefore, we must awaken to love our shared planet. The University for Life and Peace is an educational institute in promoting global ethics of ecology. As long as such ethics remain intact, planet Earth can sustain.
NY Special - Sustaining Earth by Returning to Spirituality -MasterHsinTaoThis is a beautiful world with beautiful differences. Avatamsaka Realm in Buddhism is a world view of interdependence. The University for Life and Peace and Peace propagates the idea of interdependent diversity and interconnectedness. All beings depend on one another so planet lives long. Everyone assumes the responsibility for sustainability. If we keep “Love Earth” in mind and push for it, the world goes on.
Disasters seem to be more severe and frequent with climate change. As the sutra states, the destruction of the universe ends with wildfire. The ground will be scorched to the point that nothing can grow. Then, wind will occur to turn things upside down. Flood will submerge everything. This is a process of creation, duration, dissolution, and then the state of being dissolved. Therefore, we must have caution and awareness to elevate our spirituality. Leave the suffering of this phenomenal world and return to the infinite space of spirituality.
By going back to spirituality, the infinite space, we no longer need to “stir-fry afflictions” in this phenomenal world. This boundless universe is a realm of spirituality. As we practice Dharma properly, practice Chan, read sutras, and recite mantras to dedicate for the wellbeing of beings and Earth. Inspire the goodness in people and go back to the spiritual universe that is pure and stainless.