Spiritual Ecology

Love Earth in Daily Life

Love Earth in Daily Life- MasterHsinTao

May it be coming from the media or academia, we are constantly reminded of environmental degradation. Extreme climate change, frequent earthquakes, and catastrophes have increased drastically than ever. Mankind has finally realized the protest and wrath of nature. Our fear of the prophecy of the end of the world seems to grow with more disasters taking place as a confirmation.
For a long time, we’ve been working for a mission. It is the work on environmentalism. It might seem too rhetorical at times without truly realizing its importance and influence on our lives. At times, we see rivers clogged with wastes and garbage pollution after a flood or a typhoon. The pollution is so detrimental that many aquatic lives suffer and die. With an excessive amount of aquatic lives soaked in the ocean, these “wastes” deteriorate the water condition. Next, the water source vaporizes to be the clouds. Along with the rain, the pollutants enter the soil and our food eventually. In the end, we consume toxins and become sick.
Love Earth in Daily Life- MasterHsinTaoAlthough we inhabit planet Earth, we have been neglecting its importance: the purity of water, environment, food safety, and more. We have been too ruthless with our environment and plants. The chemicals that we use have destroyed plants, trees, etc. The contaminated water doesn’t moisturize the soil nor does it nourish animals. Instead, it has killed lots of plants and sickened many lives. In the end, death is more imminent than we’ve imagined.
Another threat to the world is nuclear testing. Lots of deadly weapons have been developed throughout the history of war. Nuclear power can shake up the earth's crust and destroy the balance of planet Earth. Love Earth is to love our lives and care for all beings. We have no tolerance for violence, war, and devices designed to destroy the world. We have to eliminate all means of threat that’d endanger the survival of mankind.
Every being lives with purpose and value. We should not kill recklessly. Lifetimes of negative karmas are resulted from killing. We’ve become the source of suffering for one and another being. Killing is to inflict harm and impose conflicts out of hatred. A link of cause and effect between one lifetime to the next is formed. Thence, we must recognize the vitality of environmentalism and care for all beings. 
There’s only one planet Earth. Regardless of your faith, ethnicities, and so forth, we can only survive on this planet. Should we take a rebirth back to Earth, how could we not care for it?Everyone should treat the universe and everything contained within with utmost respect and compassion. We should also expand our love to care for this homeland. Together, we should push and promote environmentalism to the world. By joining hands, let's make our global family beautiful and harmonious.