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Interdependent Diversity – Love to Resolve

Interdependent Diversity – Love to Resolve- MasterHsinTao

The Amazon Rainforest, or the “lungs of Earth” is the largest and the most diverse tropical rainforest on the planet. It plays a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide and mitigating global warming. It is a massive and natural storehouse of carbon. However, it has been going through a massive wildfire in the past several months. This is a traumatic ecological disaster for planet Earth.
Mankind depends on nature to survive. Unfortunately, we do not cherish our mother Earth. We've been depleting resources, polluting and damaging the environment. The Earth has become dysfunctional to regenerate anymore which has resulted in global warming. Natural disasters devastate agriculture, conditions for human survival, and resources. All are severely damaged and depleted. Generally speaking, many crises that we face today came from selfishness and the lack of concern and respect for the common welfare.
Interdependent Diversity – Love to Resolve- MasterHsinTaoIn fact, the sources of all evils are the five poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance, pride, and doubt). These are the basis of suffering and the source of all disasters. Anger brings forth confrontations, conflicts, hatred, and warfare. Nuclear rivals, terrorism, and more are sprouting up like never before. Greed brings about invasion, requisition, competitions in reputation and interests. Capitalism and Consumerism are the prominent value people look up to nowadays. Yet, they are detrimental to the resources of planet Earth. These ideologies encourage behavior that'd disrupt the ecology.
Ecology roots from spirituality. Only when we’ve awoken spiritually can we recognize the scale of these global crises. Through contrition, all the negativities can be removed, attachments can be gone, and the three poisons (greed, aversion, and ignorance) can be eradicataed. As we return to the true nature of spirituality, the energy of all phenomena can resonate altogether. We can experience co-existence and the nature of interdependent diversity. This is the fundamental solution.
Spirituality and biodiversity are closely knitted. Human beings must be fully motivated to work for the wellbeing and harmony of Earth. Everyone must regard this seriously and focus on this endeavor. Furthermore, we must find solutions actively. That’s why we’re establishing the University for Life and PeaceUniversity for Life and Peace in Myanmar. This is an institute designated to identify global and environmental issues, then to find solutions. By utilizing technology, we strive for problem-solving on these global crises.
Interdependent Diversity – Love to Resolve- MasterHsinTaoAs spiritual practitioners, we do not isolate ourselves from all things that are happening. Be concerned with these matters is a way of loving. For one to love is to prevent suffering and detrimental activities. For the peace of Earth and mankind, we do not stop for a moment. We must be open-minded to collect all sorts of advice and experiences as we work for a common goal – to help our planet. May all of us resonate with this movement from the point of global ethics of ecology. Let’s implement the principle of “love Earth” thoroughly. Interdependent diversity and interconnectedness are the notion to bear in mind for us to fulfill the work for sustainability.