Spiritual Ecology

Love to Make the Planet Better

Love to Make the Planet Better- MasterHsinTao

Nowadays, the world is chaotic with a little harmony. While technology advances rapidly, many negative effects are also taking place. The reason behind this is the lack of love. Without love, people are distant from another. We don't know how to get along and interact with others. Consequently, we've become disconnected from reality. How could the world be a happy one when love is absent? Therefore, we must create a positive link with other religions. The goal is to make our world more harmonious and peaceful through the spirit of selfless love that is commonly shared among religions. With the love, we can make the world better.

Love to Make the Planet Better- MasterHsinTaoConflicts among people can be resolved and transformed through faith. We can find the balance through belief. Then, how important of a role does faith plays in our lives? Our partner will leave us, our career and health are also unstable. Only faith would accompany us the whole way and never leave us behind. As long as we have a good belief, we’d uphold kindness. With loving-kindness, we can serve others. Keep up the spirit, “I’m here for all and all for me.” As well, live with the notion, “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”.

For some people, we’d assume ourselves to be the “double-agent” of God, spirituality, awareness, etc. We are an entity of interdependence with everything in the universe, regardless of species, and so forth. In a spiritual universe, every one of us presents different beauty and fragrance. Every blossom gives different colors and vibrancy. Learn to appreciate different lives and faiths. We’d live in a world of modesty, compatibility, and harmony – where mutual appreciation being the basis.

Hence, we must balance and harmonize ourselves and everything through faith. Furthermore, we can optimize the energy of this entity of intercedence for the welfare of sentient beings.