2024 Great Compassion Mantra Retreat

4/21 Sun.~ 5/12Sun.



Love to Make the Planet Better

Nowadays, the world is chaotic with a little harmony. While technology advances rapidly, many negative effects are also taking place.


Harmonious Interdependency Among Differences

Although many religious leaders and myself are in different parts of the world, we share the same belief. It is a conviction on education and dialogues. People can learn about harmonious interdependency among differences.


Love Earth in Daily Life

There’s only one planet Earth. Regardless of your faith, ethnicities, and so forth, we can only survive on this planet. Should we take a rebirth back to Earth, how could we not care for it?

Chan is a living wisdom.
It helps us to rediscover our original face
and our nature so to live our life with clarity.

Where is the path to the mind?

It is in all places.

Guan Yin Practice

Guan Yin

We should emulate the compassion of Guan Yin to transform our minds.Let the mind settle and become serene. Consequently, by generating thepower of love, we can resolve many environmental and global crises.

The Great Compassion Mantra

The Great Compassion Mantra purifies all the karmic seeds. One would be filled with compassion and aspiration.Let the seeds mature into the realization of emptiness and bodhicitta.